Watching Your Home While You Are Away
Providing you with
while you are away

HOUSEWATCH offers Customized Services to match your needs and budget! We service Homer, Alaska, the surrounding area and Anchor Point.

Find Out How HOUSEWATCH Can Help You!

HOUSEWATCH offers reliable flexible care to your home and

property while you are away.

HOUSEWATCH is for you when

  • You are away on vacation
  • Live in warmer climates in the winter
  • You have been called away suddenly for a medical emergency
  • You do not want to bother your neighbors by asking them to watch your home while you are gone
  • Only in Homer during the summer
  • You have moved out of the area before your house sold
  • You are waiting to move into that new home you have purchased
  • Your plants need watering
  • You are at fish-camp
  • Your automatic alarm system is triggered
  • You are not sure how well your water pipes are insulated
  • You need care for your pets and would like to leave them at home in familiar surroundings and know they are being cared for on a regular schedule


to provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking for

Our Services

Property Security and Operations Inspection

We offer customized residential and commercial inspections tailored to each client’s individual situation and need.

OUTSIDE services are exterior property security, operations and utility checks.

INSIDE services are both exterior and interior inspections of the property security, systems operations, utility reserves, and levels.

VRBO and Rental Property Walk-Through and Site Inspection Reporting

For clients managing residential property rentals, we offer site inspections, utility monitoring and property security inspections as your tenants or guests come and go.

Special Requests

Sometimes it is difficult to complete all the tasks on your list before you leave town, or you wake up in the the middle of the night remembering that very important thing that needed to get done concerning your house and property, but didn't. Don't worry HOUSEWATCH has you covered and will work with you to find a solution so you can enjoy your time away.


These visits are in conjunction with either an outside or inside inspection, and are customized to our clients needs.

Small Pets

These visits are in conjunction with either an outside or inside inspection, and are customized to our clients and their pets needs. We provide care, feeding and attention to small animals for brief periods of time.

Freeze Alarms and Home Automation Systems

We provide and install various systems to keep HOUSEWATCH and our clients aware of the overall well-being of their home—24 hours a day.

Local Alarm Response

We respond to client’s third party alarm systems. We can be the first person on your contact list, and the first one on the property to assess and respond to the situation.

Meet Service Providers

We will meet and provide access for contractors and other client authorized visitors, while verifying the security and safety of your home.

Mail Service

We collect clients mail daily from your Homer post office box, and weekly from your Anchor Point post office box. We can store this mail for you until you return, or forward it on to you whenever and wherever you prefer.